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Elevate Your Adventure with Bintelli

At Southeastern Carts, we are your destination for the finest selection of Bintelli street-legal electric golf carts. As a trusted retailer, we specialize in selling, servicing, and repairing these meticulously crafted carts, designed to fuel your passion for adventure. Whether you’re cruising your neighborhood, exploring scenic trails, or teeing off at the golf course, you’ll find that our American-built Bintelli rides are tailored to ensure year-round fun.


Why Choose Bintelli at Southeastern Carts:

Best Selection

Southeastern Carts proudly offers you the most diverse and finest selection of Bintelli street-legal electric golf carts. We understand that your style and requirements are unique, and we bring you a range of options to match.



Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is showcased in our American-built Bintelli golf carts. When you choose Bintelli at Southeastern Carts, you choose reliability and performance.


Discover Fully Loaded Adventures:

At Southeastern Carts, we believe in providing you with more than just golf carts; we provide you with an entire adventure package. Explore our range of Bintelli street-legal electric golf carts, each designed to deliver excitement and convenience:


Street-Legal Golf Carts

Experience your local area in style. Bintelli’s street-legal golf carts are perfect for quick commutes and leisurely drives.


Electric Golf Carts

Embrace eco-friendly transportation without sacrificing power or performance. Bintelli’s electric golf carts offer a smooth and silent ride.



Bintelli carts at Southeastern Carts are prepared for any adventure you seek. From off-road capabilities to all-weather durability, our golf carts are your ultimate choice.


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Southeastern Carts is thrilled to be your source for Bintelli’s remarkable range of street-legal electric golf carts. Bintelli’s commitment to innovation and sustainability closely mirrors our own values. We are proud to serve Orange Beach, Mobile, and Montgomery with Bintelli’s stylish, eco-friendly, and versatile electric mobility solutions. From zipping around coastal communities to leisurely strolls in the heart of the city, Bintelli’s electric golf carts provide both convenience and style. Explore a more sustainable future with us as we proudly offer Bintelli’s exceptional products to the residents of Alabama.


Your Journey Starts Here

Our dedicated team is ready to help you discover the perfect golf cart to match your lifestyle and desires. Whether you require information, quotes, or expert guidance, we’re here to support your unique needs. Join the Southeastern Carts family and experience the excitement of street-legal electric golf carts that are not only thrilling but also remarkably dependable. Elevate your adventure with Bintelli at Southeastern Carts.


Start your journey to fully loaded adventures today. Your next ride is waiting.

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